Ahh the GOATS!  Such sweet and cute little things.  I mean just look at them!  They are adorable.

In my opinion...they are similar to dogs in their temperament, however, they have HUGE practical value!!!

Which is...their MILK.  After kidding, Nubian goats can produce about a gallon of milk a day!  If you multiply that by 3 goats then BOOM...lots of milk to use.

The funny part is we don't really drink milk:)  However...we eat cheese, use soap, eat ice cream, eat butter, take cream in our coffee (actually just Eric...I like it BLACK), eat yogurt, kefir, caramel, and fudge.

Soooo, we thought goats would be a good investment.

All of our goats are ADGA certified.  They come from high-quality breeders who specialize in milk production.