Egg Yolk Coffee. Yup it’s a Thing! And it’s Awesome!

Egg Yolk Coffee.  Yup it’s a Thing!  And it’s Awesome!

Egg Yolk Coffee is a thing! And it’s egg-cellent!

I know what you are thinking. Raw egg yolk in your coffee sounds horrible, right!? I thought that too. But we are wrong folks. It’s actually very tasty. It gives your coffee a light buttery cream flavor without the dairy.  That’s right!  And just to remind everyone eggs aren’t dairy! I actually had someone ask me at the farmer’s market if our eggs came from our goats….uhhh what! Education.

Moving on.

I originally saw a recipe while searching for different Vietnamese cuisines and was intrigued. Although in Vietnam folks add sugar and sweetened condensed milk, I had mine with just 2 egg yolks over black coffee and was hooked.

Here’s what you do:
Get yourself some eggs from your local farmer (I would NOT recommend using store bought eggs).
Separate the yolks from the whites in your coffee mug.
Whip the yolks with a fork.
Pour yourself a cup of premium coffee while stirring the whipped yolks.


Voila! You have yourself a tasty addition to your regular morning cup of Joe.

If you are interested in learning about the health benefits of egg yolk coffee I found this website to be helpful.  Just try it.  What’s the worst that can happen?