Why we LOVE duck eggs more than chicken eggs!

Why we LOVE duck eggs more than chicken eggs!


First let me say…I have had duck eggs before I began raising my own ducks and they were, well, not my favorite. We purchased them from a really great farm in Phoenix but the taste was a bit more than I could swallow, just picture 3 week old egg salad, microwave it, then sprinkle it with cumin and that pretty much describes the flavor. So I swore I would never buy duck eggs again. And I haven’t!!

2 years later…

We bought 2 different types of ducks to raise. The intent was to have them for meat but try the eggs first to see if our pallets had changed.

We bought 2 unsexed Runner ducks and 2 female Pekin ducks. Well wouldn’t you know that both Runner ducks ended up being male. They basically chased the Pekin ducks around and bit the chickens until their feathers came out. So we stuck with the plan…we butchered and ate them. They were delicious…ohh yes duck meat is the best!!! I highly recommend raising ducks instead of chicken for meat. But let’s get back to the eggs.


6 months into getting the ducklings they began laying their first eggs. We ended up frying them for our first time and they were absolutely amazing! The flavor was mild compared to the first duck eggs I tried and yet much richer than any chicken egg I have ever had.

I was hooked…well…until I ate them the next day. This time, scrambling instead of frying the eggs. Big mistake, Big, HUGE!
OH DEAR GOD the texture of scrambled duck egg whites is awkward and chewy. I spit my second bite out and gave the rest to the chickens. Not for me. WARNING…never EVER scramble a duck egg! Unless you enjoy awkward textures. Stick to frying them and you will be delighted every time. HOWEVER, there is soooo much more to duck eggs than that.


Let’s take baking for example. Cookies, cakes, pastries, you name it….all much lighter and fluffier with ducks eggs! And a little bonus…you use less of them than you would chicken eggs because they are much bigger. Sweet deal in my opinion! Also, duck eggs are higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and their shelf life is dramatically longer due to the thicker shell. Furthermore, people who are allergic to chicken eggs often times can eat duck eggs.


But I saved the best way to eat the eggs for last. The ultimate duck egg experience. The best way to eat any duck egg is to make yourself a delicious frittata. Duck eggs make the best frittatas! They are light, full of flavor, and simply delightful. Just make sure you coat the ramekin or pan with duck or bacon fat before cooking and you will have yourself a delicious breakfast. You can thank me later!

So there you have it folks. Although ducks are sloppy and their poop is the texture of diarrhea…their eggs are fantastic. So let’s get crackin’.