4 plants you can REGROW in your kitchen

4 plants you can REGROW in your kitchen

The plant world is pretty amazing.  Things that you thought would never grow in the climate you are in…actually can.  And plants that are taken out of the ground, cut up for food, and then put back in water can grow again too.  We regrow 4 different plants right here in our kitchen!

They are:

  1. Lettuce: any type really.  Just cut off the head and put the bottom in some water.  It should begin growing back in a day. 

  2. Green onions:  I keep a rubber band around the bottom, cut off what I am using, and put the rest in a dish of water.  

  3. Bok Choy:  Just like lettuce, bok choy will regrow.

  4. Celery: Place the stock in water and voila!

  5. Pineapple:  Ummm yeah so we tried that and it didn’t work.

This is an easy and economical way to regrow your food.   What vegetables do you use that can be regrown in your kitchen??