Mmmm beer!  We love beer…actually, my husband loves beer… I like beer but LOVE wine.

Eric, my amazingly awesome, totally sweet and loving husband (ok I’m sorry if you just gagged a bit)…is a HOMEBREWER.

He has been making beer for years.  Long before I met him.  So when we decided to begin farming, of course the first thing he said was “This will be great, I can grow my own hops!”  So now he is.

Hops are an interesting plant.  They grow like vines up a trellis, but are classified as bines due to their spiral, helix nature.  They are also perennials, which means they grow back every year without reseeding.  Pretty low maintenance in my opinion.  With that said if you make your own beer at home I highly recommend growing your own hops…OR at least trying it out for a year or two.  The smell alone will make you swoon.


We also teamed up with That Brewery in Cottonwood, AZ and made this amazing Caramel Stout!  I strongly suggest trying it if you are in the area.